3rd – 6th grades

3rd – 6th grades

We offer In The Middle for children ranging from 3rd thru 6th grades during worship at both 9:30 am and 11:00 am on Sunday mornings.

Children will join their families in the sanctuary for the first 10-15 minutes of worship. Following the gathering music and prayer, two teachers will escort our children upstairs to a children’s sanctuary for In The Middle.


Threshold: Each child will be greeted by a Doorkeeper and welcomed into the sacred space of their own age-appropriate Sanctuary.

Building the Circle: The Storyteller will invite each child to be seated on the floor in a circle as everyone gets ready to enter the morning’s story.

Story: The Storyteller will play a 3-6 minute video which illustrates the morning’s biblical lesson in an engaging way.

Responding: Following the animated video presentation of the morning’s story, children will then be invited to respond to the story through creative and collaborative lessons. Opportunities will include a graffiti wall, individual reading, and group games.

Communion: Children will be escorted back to the Sanctuary to join their families for communion.


9:30 am In The Middle

Co-Teachers: Julianne & Denise Brick

Co-Teachers: Zoë Samborski & Justine Wright

11:00 am In The Middle

Co-Teachers:  Lynette & Brian Baker

Co-Teachers: Jennifer Enoingt & Emily Fitzsimmons