our story

Frustrated by contemporary Christian popular culture and saddened that so many of our friends apparently want nothing to do with the Jesus story – we’re in the midst of rethinking what we’ve come to know as church.

We don’t claim to have all the answers. In fact, we find that faith tends to lead us deeper into more questions. As a new community of faith, our story is just beginning to unfold.

We believe we need other folks to practice our faith and to follow Jesus toward lives of justice-making and spiritual integrity. If you’re wondering about God or looking for others to accompany you in an authentic journey toward meaning and hope, connect with us soon. The Table is important because it is experimenting with new ways to do church.

The Table is a place where:

  • the Bible and Tradition are honored enough to be faithfully questioned and struggled with,
  • reason is valued and questions are encouraged,
  • you will not be handed a checklist of orthodoxy,
  • ambiguity is not the enemy of faith but its partner.

We bring our authentic selves and lived experiences, where we no longer have to bracket parts of who we are to be in Christian community.

The Table seeks to create a community of faith in Sacramento that is

  • rooted in Grace
  • growing in faith
  • reaching in love