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message archive (Page 36)

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I am? is a three-week worship series exploring vocation, ambition and purpose.  The series is rooted in Brian J Mahan’s Forgetting Ourselves on Purpose.  In part 1, Matt reflects on Mother’s Day, epiphanies of recruitment, and the notion of vocation.

Man Born Blind

This week’s message weaves the story of the man born blind from John 9 with a responsive prayer by Steve Garnaas-Holmes, the singing of Amazing Grace led by Nicole Cleveland on vocals, and reflections on the story by Matt Smith.

Making Sense of the Cross

This message explores John 3.16 in relationship to Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus at night.  The biblical text is held in converation with the controversy over the faithfulness of Rob Bell’s understanding of salvation in Love Wins.  What has the cross meant to followers of Jesus through the centuries?  What might the cross mean to you today?