This Christian Life is inspired by the story telling curated by Ira Glass on This American Life.  Each week we will look at a theme related to the Christian life through the lens of several stories.  Most of the stories we’ll share will be true.  Most weeks will be rooted in the Book of Acts. We hope this worship series will both inspire and inform our community as we hold our stories in conversation with the faith stories of others.

Weekly Outline

  • April 12: Weighing What Matters Most (Acts 4.32-35)
  • April 19: Inside Job (Book of Esther)
  • April 26: Crossover Tactics (Acts 4.5-12)
  • May 3: Unexpected Guides (Acts 8.26-40)
  • May 10: All Means All (Acts 10.44-48)
  • May 17: Waiting Sucks OR Forcing It (Acts 1.15-17, 21-26)
  • May 24: Birth Stories (Acts 2)